• Wood Floor Services

  • Restoring The Beauty of Your Hardwood Floors

    You love your wood floors. So when you see water creeping across the surface, you’re horrified. New Orleans storms, sewage backup, HVAC issues, and other flooding can devastate your hardwoods. But all is not lost! With immediate attention from the professionals at New Orleans Damage Restoration, the chances of preserving your floor and avoiding costly and heartbreaking repairs improve significantly.

    Hardwood Floor Flood Damage Mitigation

    While your wood floors may seem to handle a water spill well initially, once floors begin to dry out damage emerges. Like carpeting and other absorbent flooring materials, hardwood floors can easily wick moisture in the grooves between boards or even flaws in the finish. Often, underlayment exacerbates problems by holding moisture off the subfloor and allowing it to spread beneath your hardwoods. Should water penetrate the underlayment, subfloor saturation becomes a serious concern as well. After water has penetrated floors, the wood expands, pushing against the neighboring boards and often causing floors to buckle. Once this happens, your floor will need to be re-laid or worse, replaced entirely.

    Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Refinishing

    Even if your floors have not been damaged by water, we also offer complete hardwood floor refinishing and cleaning services that can remove decades of stains, wear, and even damage. If you’re considering pulling up an older hardwood floor, we encourage you to contact us first – customers are often amazed at what a thorough sanding, re-staining, and finishing can do to hardwoods. Our teams are knowledgeable and experienced working with wood floors – we work quickly and efficiently without making mistakes that can slow the refinishing process and possibly even damage your floor. You love your hardwood floor and we do too.

    Why New Orleans Damage Restoration?

    We offer experienced teams that can promptly and accurately assess the extent of water penetration or the scope of a refinishing project to develop a custom response plan. We’ve been through the worst New Orleans has to offer and we want to keep water damage from becoming something worse – mold. By promptly attending to your needs and responding quickly to changing conditions, we can get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible.

    What to Expect?

    When you are dealing with a major water spill, contact us immediately. With water damage, time is of the essence. We’ll dispatch an experienced response team, on your schedule, to begin cleaning and remediation service. Technicians on-site will develop a workable approach to resolving your issue and outline a time frame for cleanup. We work quickly and cleanly, minimizing disruption to your home and business with as little stress as possible. For other refinishing projects, we’ll send our experts to evaluate your project and discuss the scope of the refinishing. We’ll share the expected time frame for the refinishing process as well as what to expect throughout.

    With attention from New Orleans Damage Restoration, your hardwood floors will retain their beauty for decades to come.